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Nitric Oxide Supplement Review

What's the Most Effective Nitric Oxide Boosting Supplement Available Today?









Since the 1998 Nobel Prize-winning discovery of nitric oxide as vasodilator, nitric oxide boosting supplements and their ability to relax and widen the circulatory system (vasodilation) has greatly evolved.

(1)  Arginine-based nitric oxide boosters were introduced in 2000 with the ability to stimulate 5% vasodilation at a 7,000 mg dosage.

(2) Beet root (nitrate-based) boosters were introduced inn 2008 with the ability to stimulate 12% vasodilation at a 500 mg dosage.

(3) A brand new (2018) category called "acute polyphenols" are derived from stem cells extracted and compounded from the skins of a specific genus of French-grown grapes and apples. The trade name for this powerful nutrient is ViNitrox®. ViNitrox stimulates 50% vasodilation at only a 500 mg dosage. OxySpark™ is the only nitric oxide boosting supplement formulated for the baby boomer population that incorporates this new breakthrough nitric oxide booster.


Bio-scientists at the highly regarded Bio Serae Laboratoires in Rouen Cedex, France wanted to develop an all-natural nitric oxide generator and vasodilator that was many times more effective, efficient and powerful than arginine and beet root.

They understood that certain chemicals (polyphenols) in the stem cells of apples and grapes called “gallolated catechins” possessed powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and vasodilating properties.

If these stem cell polyphenols could be isolated, extracted and compounded from the fruits' stem cells, they believed this would constitute a vasodilator many times more powerful than beet root and arginine with only a fraction of the dosage.

The problem was these microscopically-tiny polyphenols were near impossible locate within the fruits' subcellular structure.

After years of research, Bio Seare scientists  eventually discovered how to identify, extract and compound the polyphenols.

The result was ViNitrox, the world's most powerful nitric oxide boosting compound.

Subsequent clinical studies showed that ViNitrox was 10 times more effective in nitric oxide production and vasodilation than arginine -- at only a fraction of the

 dosage (500mg of ViNitrox to achieve 50% vasodilation compared to arginine's 7,000mg to achieve only 5% vasodilation).

ViNitrox was chosen as the active vasodilating and antioxidant ingredient in OXYSPARK.

OXYSPARK's ViNitrox™ Clinical Study Results

In vitro and in vivo clinical studies conducted by Bio Serae Laboratoires' scientists show one 500mg dose of the OXYSPARK's all-natural active ingredient ViNitrox leads to 50% vasodilation (blood vessel dilation). Studies on arginine, nitric oxide production and vasodilation show only a 5% Increase in vasodilation with 7,000mg of arginine, the average amount used in most cardio/nitric oxide boosters.

The Problem with Arginine—Damages Nitric Oxide Producing Cells

Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid present in many foods. Arginine is extracted by the liver and is converted to nitric oxide in your circulatory system's endothelial cells. As you get older, arginine actually damages the nitric oxide producing ability of the endothelial cells and they lose up to 85% of their ability to produce nitric oxide.

Taking large doses of exogenous, laboratory produced arginine to increase nitric oxide production is like adding contaminated gas to a malfunctioning engine that has been previously damaged by too much contaminated gasoline. It just won't work well. That's why arginine generates only a temporary 5% increase in vasodilation. And, to maintain that low level you have to constantly increase your dosage of arginine.  Arginine levels over 15 grams a day can become toxic to the liver, kidney and brain.


The Good News: Damaged Nitric Oxide Producing Cells Can be Repaired with Nitrates (Beet Root Extract) and Acute Polyphenols (Stem Cells Extracted from the Skins of Apples & Grapes)

Recent research shows the arginine-damaged endothelial cells can be repaired through appropriate nutritional intervention. Once such intervention is beet root extract. It takes about 30 to 45 days of taking two 500 mg of beet root extract per day to repair the cells to the 12% level of vasodilaiton.


The best natural vasodilator to date is acute polyphenols or stem cells extracted from the skins of a certain variety of apples and grapes grown in Southern France. Like beet root nitrates, it takes 30 to 45 days to repair the nitric oxide-producing endothelial cells with 2 daily doses of 500 mg. The big difference between the two is acute polyphenols increase vasodilation by 50% compared to only 12% of beet root nitrates. Plus, it requires only one 500 mg dose per day to maintain the increased level of vasodilation after the repair phase.


#1 - OXYSPARK - Our Highest Rated Nitric Oxide Supplement

OxySpark is this year’s top rated nitric oxide boosting supplement. OxySpark contains 500mg of stem cells extracted and compounded from the skins of French apples and grapes and is the most potent vasodilating nutrient available today.
It is so powerful that a single dose stimulates a 50% increase in vasodilation. This is particularly impressive when compared to arginine-based nitric oxide boosters that produce only 5% vasodilation at 7,000mg of arginine and beet root nitrates that produce only 12% vasodilation.
Another OxySpark benefit is that from the very start you'll be able to feel it working within your body. In two clinical studies, OxySpark's stem cell active was given to elite athletes (long-distance runners, weight lifters) 60 minutes before their workouts. These athletes experienced for up to three hours a dramatic 10% increase in energy, endurance and strength.
 Arginine-and beet root nitrate-based nitric oxide boosters have an unpleasing, almost unbearable taste. In OxySpark's case, the drink, a mixture of 1 small scoop of OxySpark with 8 ounces of water, had a delicious grape taste. We thought it tasted like a cross between a grape "Sweet Tart" and a grape "Now and Later."  OxySpark is slightly sweetened with a touch of Stevia.
OxySpark costs $69.95 for 30 servings which is about $2.33 per serving.  You would have to purchase fourteen 30-serving canisters of arginine-based nitric oxide boosters at an average cost of $80 each ($1,120) to achieve the vasodilating performance of only one $69.95 30-serving canister of OxySpark.
What we really liked about OxySpark is that it isn’t part of some multi level marketing company where there are obligations to buy a pallet full of product and the price is no 10 times mark-up of what the price should be. If you are looking for an amazing nitric oxide boosting supplement (without all the marketing commitments) at an unbeatable price then check out OxySpark.

New Breakthrough Technology Makes Arginine-Based Boosters Obsolete
OxySpark is what's called a "disruptive innovation" — meaning OxySpark is an innovation that creates a new market and eventually disrupts an existing market, displacing established market products. It does this because it makes arginine and nitrate-based (i.e. beet root) nitric oxide products obsolete with its all natural 50% vasodilating organic stem cell-extracted properties compared to laboratory manufactured arginine's 5% vasodilating potential and, in recent study, beet root powder's 12% vasodilating performance.


 OxySpark's intelligently designed formula contains 500mg of microscopic polyphenolsl/flavonoids (ViNitrox) extracted from the stem cells of a unique varieties of apple and grape skins found only in southern France. This powerful vasodilating extract is combined with the other all natural and proven vasodilators and heart-healthy nutrients including  L-citrulline, C0Q10, beet root extract, AstriGin,  a natural extract from the bark of the New Zealand pine tree and vitamins and  trace minerals--all packed into a 100% transparent, proprietary blend free formula.


In our opinion and through our experience in testing and reviewing the major nitric oxides products on the market today, OxySpark will soon become  known as the most ‘potent’ and cost effective  nitric oxide supplement available today — hands down.

You can get OxySpark today from us or go directly to www.OxySpark.com. Click Here to Buy Now

#2 - Beet Root Extract

There are dozens of different nitric oxide-boosting beet root powders on the market today. You've seen the daily TV ads for beet root extract powders and drinks that claim beets will increase your circulation, help lower your blood pressure and increase your energy. Because of this massive advertising, beet root  drink powders are the best selling "super foods" that promise these benefits with over 2 million customers.


The biggest advantage beets have over arginine-based nitric oxide boosters is that they contain no arginine, help repair arginine-damaged nitric oxide-producing cells and provide on average a 12% level of vasodilation. compared to 5% of arginine.


One negative is the taste. A one tablespoon serving mixed with water tastes very "earthy." Most 30-serving canisters of beet root extract powder average $39.95 (plus on average $8.95 shipping) which equals $1.63 per serving.


If you're seeking longterm relief from chronic ailments associated with decreased nitric oxide production, the vasodilating effect of beet root nitrates is double the effectiveness of arginine without arginine's damaging side effects.


Of course, in our opinion,  beet root extract doesn't compare to OxySpark's endothelial cell-repairing properties and OxySpark's 50% vasodilation. In fact, OxySpark contains the same therapeutic amount of beet root extract as the most popular beet root products but for a different reason. Nitric oxide is very unstable. OxySpark uses beet root extract to help stabilize its 50% nitric oxide production/vasodilating properties.



#3 - Cardio Miracle by EnvoNO

Out of all of the arginine-based nitric oxide boosting products availabe Cardio Miracle is the best. The drawback of course is Cardio Miracle uses as its active ingredient 3,000mg of arginine per dose to produce less than a 5% level of vasodilation.  This is less arginine than most other arginine-based nitric oxide boosters, which is good because of the serious health issue concerns of consuming too much arginine.


On the positive side, Cardio Miracle uses only the finest ingredients. They don't skimp on quality. One big drawback is Cardio Miracle's taste. It's almost unpalatable (especially their vegan line). So much so,  that's its difficult to adhere to a daily regimen.


Cardio Miracle is pricey. For example, the vegan option shown here, sells for $80 for 30-servings or $2.67 per serving. If you're taking 3 servings per day (which Cardio Miracle personally recommends to unhealthy customers or customers who are not getting initial benefits) a one month supply will cost you a whopping $8 a day $240 a month!! That's a lot of money for only a 5% level of vasodilation plus the health risks associated with consuming so much arginine.





#4 -  l-arginine Plus by Elements

l-Arginine Plus is another arginine-based nitric oxide booster. It boasts it uses 5,110mg of arginine in each serving  and sells, like Cardio Miracle, for $79.95 for 30-servings. Elements' website deeply discounts the product when you purchase multiple containers. Because
l-arginine Plus contains so much arginine, the company has to use a lot of flavor and sweeteners to mask its core unpleasant taste.


The website promotes former basketball great Rick Berry as its celebrity endorsement and has a number of positive statements from satisfied customers.  As we read these endorsements we wonder how many of these people would eventually migrate to OxySpark if they knew it existed and how it performed compared to the hefty amounts of the 10-times-less-effective and unhealthy arginine they are now consuming.


Like Cardio Miracle, customers are subtly encouraged to take up to three doses a day to maximize their nitric oxide production and vasodilation potential. What they don't tell you is you can't compound the vasodilation effect with each dose. Taking three 5% vasodilating doses will not stimulate 15% vasodilation. In fact, with each dose you take, over time, you hit a plateau of vasodilation effectiveness which requires you to take more and more to maintain its 5% potential.






#5 - ProArgi 9+ by Synergy

Synergy is a multi-level marketing company whose primary product is their arginine-based nitric oxide booster ProArgi 9+.


We don’t about much about Synergy's products because they are all “proprietary blends”. What they do say is they use 5,000mg of arginine in each serving of ProArgi 9+ and recommend taking two servings per day. That's a lot of arginine for only a 5% vasodilation benefit


The same effectiveness and health issues exist with ProArgi 9+'s arginine base as does with all other arginine-based nitric oxide boosters: Tons of unhealthy, ever-increasing amounts of arginine to produce and maintain only a 5% level of vasodilation. Not only that, but because of the multi level marketing model, tProArgi 9+ is REALLY expensive. Thirty servings will set you back $80 / $2.67 per serving. If you are taking 2 servings per day, which Synergy recommends for “optimal performance” a one month supply will cost you $160.


Our goal is to make sure you find the best nitric oxide boosting supplement at the best price. Every product sold by Nitric- Oxide-Supplements.Reviews has been tried and reviewed in house for taste, potency, mixability and effectiveness.

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